this CD is superb, consisting of songs from the Gasbook, ‘60s/’70s songwriters and two more recent songs – Cee Lo Green’s Crazy and Sam Smith’s Stay With Me. Without a doubt, my favourite item is the title track, Love For Sale, sung as a narrator describing the woman’s situation with obvious sympathy, which was surely what Cole Porter intended.
“Just climb those stairs” is sung with almost a snarl to show dislike for the young prostitute’s customer. I especially liked Some Enchanted Evening, with its gentle-voiced opening by guitar, bass and vibes and the mayhem of the full band on Crazy.
The notes aptly describe the band as impeccable studio musicians and there are lots of solos from the horns and Sankovich on organ. Hosley’s voice has a light, pleasing tone, and this is his debut CD, recorded after more than four decades of performing in the San Francisco Bay Area. If he ever crosses the Atlantic I reckon he’d go down a storm at Hoochie Coochie.
— Ann Alex from UK publication BeBop Spoken Here

"Love For Sale" - the reviews

The man with the diamond pipes, thy name is Dave Hosley. From the start of his debut recording Love for Sale, the listener is engrossed in the creamy texture and luminous tone of Hosley's register. His is the voice that makes Broadway showtunes memorable, resonating with a clarion luster and evoking emotion. Named for the Cole Porter number released in 1930, Love for Sale highlights novelty tracks written by such songsmiths as Burt Bacharach, Carole King, Billy Strayhorn, Irving Berlin, and Sam Smith. 

Hosley crosses over genre lines from the funky grooves of "I Feel the Earth Move" to the bluesy atmospherics of "Blue Skies" and the balladry swells of "Stay with Me." Hosley captures the spirit of the Great American Songbook and finesses classic pop tunes with a bluesy jazz glint. Performing with an eight piece band, the tracks were recorded at Berkeley's famed Fantasy Studios, the recording venue for countless jazz albums from the likes of Tony Bennett and Bill Evans to name a few.

The R&B components of "I Feel the Earth Move" are coalesced with bluesy soul trimmings that transform this funky number into a cool jazz tune that radiates a smooth sonorous with a nightclub feel. The title track provides more cool jazz vibes laden in rotating drumbeats and softly kindled keys. The lounging bass grooves of "I Say a Little Prayer" support Hosley's showtunes style vocals resonating emotion in every note.

His interpretation of "Crazy She Calls Me" is crowned in sparkling vibraphones cushioned by mellow keys, sedate drumbeats, and a gently percolating organ. The bluesy atmospherics of "Blue Skies" is clad in clicking drum taps and molten saxophone riffs, contrasting the balladry swells of "Some Enchanted Evening" blanketed in the smooth chimes of the drum strokes and an ambient texture in the organ's keys. 

The traipsing keys at the base of CeeLo Green's tune "Crazy" is trellised by Hosley's cool vocal swagger, and coat "Lush Life" with smooth jazz embers. The funky beats of "Something's Gotta Give" are girdled by Hosley's creamy vocals turning to a gospel-like tint in "Stay with Me" as the bluesy horns and ruminating keys bask the track in a wistful mood.

Hosley demonstrates that he can shape a song from any genre into his type of song. The man with a multi-faceted voice, glittering with the prismatic tones of a diamond, revitalizes the cool jazz template and tailors it to the liking of modern audiences.

- Susan Frances - AXS - May 19, 2016